Classical Guitar: A Method for Students & Teachers – Volume II by Bradford Werner

This method is currently being revised. The new edition will be released during the Summer 2017.

PDF Download (109 pages).


Volume II provides the intermediate classical guitarist with raw materials for weekly lessons. Designed for student and teacher alike, this volume avoids editorial fingerings and allows the teacher to incorporate multiple pedagogical approaches to the art of music instruction. A qualified classical guitar instructor is needed to use this book. This volume is intended as a supplement to intermediate repertoire. Tonal key areas are explored through melodic and harmonic exercise, analysis, and repertoire.

Number of pages: 109.

Important information about using this book: This publication is not intended as a self-study method. A qualified instructor is recommended as this book purposely leaves out explanatory materials, suggestions in fingerings, and technical guidelines for technique and performance practice. However, it can still be of use without a teacher if you are looking for reading practice and materials.

INCLUDED IN THIS VOLUME: Progressive method; Solo & duo repertoire; Renaissance to 20th Century repertoire; Scales, triads, and analysis; Chord studies for folk, rock, and jazz; Supplemental scales and technique; Sight-reading exercises; Orchestral excerpts of Handel, Mozart, Stravinsky, Prokofiev, Faure, and more; Arrangements by Bradford Werner; Compositions by Telemann, Couperin, Corelli, Rameau, Carulli, Carcassi, Sor, Giuliani, Mertz, Coste, Schumann, Tarrega, and more…

  • Solo works
  • Duets
  • Technique section
  • Fretboard Knowledge section
  • Rhythm Trainer
  • Sight-reading exercises (10 keys, scales, chords/triads, melodic exercises and excerpts)
  • Jazz chords
  • and more….