Free Method Book: Video Lesson #1


free-guitar-method-coverThis is the first set of lessons for my free 80 page beginner method book. This lesson covers pages 10-12.

You can get the PDF ebook here, no sign-up or anything required.

Classical Guitar Method
Volume I (Beginner)

by Bradford Werner
Creative Commons License (CC BY-NC-ND)

Here are some other lessons to check out before you begin. I’ve also included a little photo gallery before the video lesson for pages 10-12.

Video Lesson For Pages 10-12

Video Link:

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  1. Salvatore Musco on

    Just starting to learn. Is 83 and not too flexible going to be a real problem? On your video lesson for page three you threw me a curve. First four measures contain 2 quarter notes followed by a half note; second four measures contain one half note followed by 2 quarter notes but you played these second four measures the same beat as in the first four measures. Also on the second four measures the sequence of fingers was not i, m, i but i, i, m. Why is this different?

  2. I really appreciated Volume One and it has helped me very much. Do you have a volume 2 that can be purchased?

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