Practicing and the iPhone | Stephen Aron


Some pros and cons of the digital era via Stephen Aron. Here’s just an excerpt.

Sometimes I wonder if the current generation of music students simply get less out of their practice time than previous generations. Its not that they don’t work as hard or as long or as smart. It’s the iPhone or comparable device. I use it in the practice room: its great! It’s my metronome. It’s my tuner. It times my sessions…

But then, there are the other things it does. I receive messages on it. I get notifications that it’s my turn in a game I play. Or that a new important headline has been released…

This never used to happen to me when I was a student. I went to the practice room armed only with my instrument and scores. If I had two hours, I played the guitar for two hours. I wonder how many students today squeeze two hours of playing out of a two-hour window…
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