Rafael Aguirre plays Barrios, Lauro, Lucia, Tarrega


I’m taking a week off from the theme weeks to showcase some great random content that has come up such as this great 30 min video of Rafael Aguirre playing:

  • Agustin Barrios Mangore – Un Sueño en la Floresta (0:28)
  • Antonio Lauro – Seis por derecho (8:50)
  • Paco de Lucia – Guajiras de Lucia (12:15)
  • Francisco Tarrega – Carnaval de Venecia (16:15)
  • Francisco Tarrega – Recuerdos de la Alhambra (24:43)

Such a great player, make sure to check out the Lauro, he’s so good at it!

Video Link: http://youtu.be/4v1UozUtzQc

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