Bradford Werner offers webcam lessons for classical guitar via Skype to students of all levels from beginner students to professionals looking for performance feedback.

Contact Bradford for Lessons:


Lesson Rates: 

30min – $30.00 CAND
45min – $45.00 CAND

All payments are made through PayPal and due before the lesson begins. We just set up the time and then I send a money request via paypal…it’s easy! Email me to begin the process.


What timezone will we use?
All lessons will be scheduled by Pacific Standard Time and the Daylight Savings Time equivalent. In other words: the time of Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Here is a link to a site that gives the current time.

What is the quality like?
On my end I will be using the HD cam on my new 2014 iMac and the audio interface from my Zoom H4n which has two little condenser mics.  I’ve tested this set up and people have told me they think my end looks and sounds great. However, there are many variables involved in webcam lessons. In general, the connection speed of your internet service is one of the largest determining factors. I use high speed cable internet from Shaw. However, your computer and webcam quality will also make a difference.

How much will the tech quality affect the lesson?
I don’t mind if the picture and sound are a little out as long as I can hear the musical ideas and playing clearly. During the first 5mins we can decide to continue or cancel the lesson.

I will refund the lesson if we decide to cancel in the first 5mins.

What happens if the connection get interrupted? 
If our connection gets lost we can just try again in a few minutes. I’ll refund the remaining minutes if the tech side lets us down.

Skype or Google? 
I’ve found that Skype delivers the best results and connection speeds on average. I prefer to use Skype over other platforms. It’s easy to get a Skype account.

I’m absolutely terrified of playing for you, Bradford? Can I still take lessons?
Yes. I teach as a profession so making people feel comfortable and creating a positive educational experience is important to me. We can start out with some warm-ups and small sections of your piece if you feel nervous. Don’t worry, I don’t bite and even if I did I can’t bite through a webcam!

What levels do you teach?
I teach a variety of levels and ages. Everything from beginners to professionals looking for feedback. As long as you have an open mind and are willing to gain from outside advice and opinions than I am happy to teach you.

Screen shot from my Webcam

Screen shot from my Webcam