Bryan Burns plays Preludium by Dowland

bryan-burns-gutiarBryan Burns plays Preludium (Poulton 98) by John Dowland (1563–1626) via Boston Guitarfest  2013. Dowland is one of my personal favorite composers for plucked instruments or any other instrument for that matter. Burns has a nice touch ranging from clear and virtuosic to soft and elegant. Here’s a bit about Burns via his bio page:

“Bryan Burns is currently an Adjunct Professor of Guitar at Tarrant County College and a Doctoral Teaching Fellow at the University of North Texas. Bryan began studying the guitar at the relatively late age of nineteen. Having first been inspired in his formative years by the amateur guitar playing of his father, he has since spent the last decade refining his musical talent under the guidance of numerous formidable guitar minds.” – Read more at Bryan Burn’s Biography page.

Video Link/Source:
Photo by Jesse Weiner

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  1. Amazing piece and beautifully played. I searched fofr the music and could only find a page but you are clearly playing much more than one page. Where can I find the rest?

    • Well, if you’ll can find it anywhere it will be in this book but the edition is grand staff and lute tablature so it is not for most people:

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