China by Johannes Möller

China by Johannes Möller – Last year Johannes Möller released a new album titled China and has some nice videos performances and a great interview about the album. The thing I love most about this album is not only that the playing is super impressive but how personally inspired Möller is in regards to the music. In a world full of guitarists creating promo albums of the same old concert repertoire, Möller has created something more unique, personal, and altogether beautiful. Here’s the album promo blurb, “Refreshing new sounds where Chinese music comes to life on the guitar through Johannes Moller’s artistry.  The album contains heart warming arrangements of Chinese traditional songs, a dramatic transcription of the traditional Pipa composition Moonlit Night on Spring River and Johannes Moller’s own Five Chinese Impressions… ” Track list below videos.

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Videos via Johannes Möller’s Youtube & VPRO Vrije Geluiden’s YouTube

Track List:

  • Jasmine Flower 3:15
  • Chinese Impression No. 1 – 镜花水月 “Moon and flower reflected in water” 2:55
  • Chinese Impression No. 2 – 春风化雨 “Gentle spring rains and breeze” 1:57
  • Chinese Impression No. 3 – 落英缤纷 “Flower petals perpetually moving in the air” 1:07
  • Chinese Impression No. 4 – 昙花一现 “The nocturnally blossoming desert flower” 2:21
  • Chinese Impression No. 5 – 五谷丰登 “Grains at harvest is the farmer joy” 1:48
  • Little Swallow 小燕子 2:05
  • Swan-Goose 鸿雁 3:58
  • Moonlit Night on Spring River 春江花月夜 10:08
  • My Homeland 我的祖国 2:43
  • Ten Times Farewell 十送红军 4:08
  • Liuyang River 浏阳河 3:33
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  1. Ran across the Moller when i went google mad after Sakura got my taste buds going. It’s so good! I haven’t made the purchase yet but i know that if you follow the LINKS the SHEET MUSIC for 3 or 4 of the pieces is available i think from a third party online catalog.

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