Classifieds – Classical Guitars for Sale by Owner

This is a free listing of used classical guitars for sale by owner. These sales have nothing to do with me or the site so buy at your own risk. I delete the listings six months from the posting date so email to re-submit or renew (don’t forget, there will be no reminder). I only post guitars priced over $2000 CAND (or equivalent). Links to pictures or videos are fine. No retail stores or salons and only used instruments. Get listed by emailing ALL the below info to:

  • Luthier/brand and year
  • Front and back wood
  • Design specifics (optional, keep it extremely brief)
  • Scale length (optional, 650mm is common)
  • Links to pictures or videos (optional)
  • Price and Currency
  • Contact Email
  • Your Location

Classical Guitars for Sale by Owner

Marcus Dominelli (2011)
Cedar / Indian Rosewood
Lattice Bracing, 650mm
See photos here
Price: $5000 CAD
Email for more info:
Victoria, BC (Posted November 28, 2018)

Alhambra Linea Profesional (2013)
Spruce / Indian rosewood
Scale length: 650mm
Price: $2000 Eur
Email for more info:
Stockholm, Sweden (Posted November 24, 2018)

Randy Angella (2009)
Spruce/Brazilian rosewood
Good condition.
Price: $5000 firm.
US sales only, Buyer pays shipping
Email for more info:
Davis, California (posted November 12, 2018)

Rolf Eichenger (2007)
Spruce / Indian Rosewood
Price: 14 000 Eur
Email for more info:
Moscow, Russia (Posted September 24, 2018)

Franco Marino (2012)
Cedar Top, Brazilian Rosewood Back and Sides
650 mm Scale length
Price: $9,500 USD
Email for more info:
Boston, MA USA (Posted September 24, 2018)

Thames Concert Classical (2001)
Spruce / Indian Rosewood, 650mm
Link to pictures
$5,000 SGD (Singapore) not including shipping
Contact Email:
Singapore (Posted September 4, 2018)

Ramírez 1a (1978)
Cedar/Indian Rosewood, 664mm scale
New fingerboard installed by R.E. Bruné for lowest action possible
Price: $10,000 USD
Contact Email:
Chicago, IL, USA (Posted September 6,2018)

Bruno Boutin (2011)
Cedar / Indian rosewood back and sides, 650mm
Price: $4000 CAD
Email for more info:
Ottawa, On, Canada (Posted on July 21, 2018)

Raimundo Mod 180 (1998)
Cedar top/Rosewood back & sides, 650mm
Price: £1850 Pounds
Email for more info:
UK near London – Bucks (Posted on May 27, 2018)