D’Addario Carbon Strings for Classical Guitar

I guess I’ve been sleeping on the job as I didn’t even notice that D’Addario had come out with a carbon string set or had a rebranding in their design packaging. Has anyone out there tried these yet? If so leave a comment below.

D’Addario ProArte Carbon Classical Guitar Strings

Here’s D’Addario’s blurb about them:

“Experience the vibrant, projecting & contemporary tone of D’Addario’s Pro Arte Carbon strings. Designed to the exacting specifications of our Pro Arte nylon trebles, our fluorocarbon strings deliver unmatched superior intonation, a responsive attack and modern projecting tone. Paired with the bold and powerful Dynacore basses, Pro Arte Carbons offer the ideal combination of tension and tone for today’s classical player.”

Amazon Links:

D’Addario EJ46FF ProArte Carbon Classical Guitar Strings, Hard Tension

D’Addario EJ45FF ProArte Carbon Classical Guitar Strings, Normal Tension



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  1. My duo partner put a set on his guitar to try them out, we weren’t impressed, they sounded duller than the Galli carbons he usually uses. Definitely lacking some vibrancy in the overtones and weren’t able to cut through as clearly.

    • I was hoping to like them because they are so darn cheap compared to other brands… Galli’s are very nice but I’ve had serious quality control issues with them…fault strings on regular occasions. They might be better recently as I haven’t tried them for a year or so…

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