David Russell interviews via his website

I just found out that guitarist David Russell posted a number of interviews up on his website. Russell’s opinions and perspectives are so down to Earth. Love it. Plus, he really gives a good deal to the interviewer. Here’s just an excerpt:


How do you apply different techniques to different composers?

It’s more that there are different techniques for different styles of music. Last year I was playing a lute suite by Weiss [early 18th century], so I used a certain kind of technique — I don’t want to imitate the lute, but it was sort of “vague Baroque.” This year [and in San Francisco]I’m playing a suite by Couperin which is very unvague; it’s clear, and the ornamentation is very crisp, completely different from the Weiss; the actual plucking technique is different. It will be much clearer, while the other is cloudy, more mysterious.

READ THE FULL ARTICLE via David Russell’s website: San Francisco interview 2013.


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