Free Method Lesson: Tutu Maramba, Django Swing, Etude 12 à la Brouwer

Free Method Book – Beginner Video Lessons for Guitar
Tutu Maramba (Brazilian Folksong)
Django Swing
Etude 12 à la Brouwer

Free PDF Method Book & Lesson List: Classical Guitar Method Vol. 1
Youtube Video Link (4k Quality)

Some more beginner pieces for classical guitar from my method. These lessons are for students who have learned their first position notes and accidental (sharps & flats). Make sure you’ve covered the previous lessons first. Find the rest of the video lessons here and subscribe to my weekly newsletter for pro videos, lessons, and sheet music.

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  1. On the 1st bar of the 2nd line of Tutú Maramba there’s a new symbol I don’t recognize, after the 3rd beat, what does it mean?

  2. Where is the sheet music for this? I have the two method books, but don’t see it. Sorry to bother u w/this, but maybe it’s useful feedback.