Hotlink: Beijing Guitar Duo Concert Review

I can’t stand anyone who mentions a few buzzes in live performances…don’t want them? Go watch a piano. ANYWAY, it is a very glowing review overall.

Wang’s graceful style was on display as she effected lovely phrasing amidst sweeping arpeggios. There were a few occasional “buzzes,” but they did little to dim the enchantment. The Reverie features an extended arpeggio section which returns again toward the end of the work. Wang’s tremolo was magical — extremely even, clean, and as smooth as silk…

Su’s tone was rounded, strong, and robust, and she interpreted on a very detailed level a piece whose tempo doesn’t allow a lot of time for such detail. Of special note were her fast arpeggios which were exceptionally tight. Overall she exhibited complete control with minimal effort….

The Beijing Guitar Duo has a tone that is unswervingly tasteful and warm. Their attack is consistently clean and precise without a trace of any “nail noise.” Likewise, they understand the proper use of vibrato on the instrument, never using it gratuitously, but consistently employing it to give necessary body to notes on the guitar….

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