Julian Bream: “I’m a better musician now…”

There was a rumour going around that Bream was dead, but worry not! He’s alive and kicking! Here’s a recent interview via the Guardian. Here’s an excerpt:

How much are you playing these days? “Not at all. There’s nothing sad about not playing any more,” says Bream, who turned 80 in July. But in the next breath he adds: “The thing I feel a little annoyed about is that I know I’m a better musician than I was at 70, but I can’t prove it.” … I devoted my life to music for a reason,” he says, “and the reason wasn’t because I wanted to get on or make money, but to try to fulfil myself and also to give people pleasure. Thats been my credo.

READ THE FULL ARTICLE via Julian Bream: Im a better musician now than when I was 70 | Music | The Guardian.

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