Julian Bream plays Walton

breamThe sound quality isn’t great but I wanted to post this as a belated birthday recognition of Bream. I’m quite sick of Walton’s Bagatelles as they have been heavily played in recent years. However, they are great works and listening to Bream play them reminds me of how interesting and fresh his approach is, even today. Truly a player who orchestrates the music like no other.

These days the control of the sound, evenness of tone, and consistency overall in performance has brought us closer to other instruments and their interpretations of music. It being more about the music than the guitar in a way (a good thing most of the time). However, we all still love listening to these colourful players such as Bream…an older generation. I guess the question is, was Bream great in the context of the time period or are his interpretations timeless? Nevertheless, love it. [end of rambling paragraph]

Video Link/Source: http://youtu.be/_AWje8F-eqk

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