Lesson: Lesson 75 by Sagreras (RCM Grade 2)

Lesson 75 by Julio Sagreras for Classical Guitar
Level: RCM Level 2 (Easy, Beginner)
Sheet Music Book: Guitar Repertoire and Etudes Level 2

This lesson is for my graded repertoire lesson series which you can find halfway down the lesson archive page. When I teach guitar I have the student set up a model for technique and then they try to maintain that model when playing pieces. Therefore, straightforward pieces without too many weird shapes and stretches are very important for beginner to around grade 3 level students. This excludes many pieces but as a core set of works it is important.

Julio Salvador Sagreras (1879–1942) was an Argentine guitarist and composer. This piece is an excellent study/lesson by Julio Sagreras. The easy shapes and repeated pattern is great for working on right and left hand fingering and chord recognition. Get the book and follow the video lessons.


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