Lesson: A Major Scales for Classical Guitar

Major Scales for Classical Guitar

A Major Scales for Classical Guitar from my ebook (see info below). In this lesson I run through some common open and closed patterns for A Major which are great for technique or to just build a foundation, and then I go over closed patterns for A major scales over the entire fretboard of the guitar. This is a great way to learn scales because instead of just learning from root to root, you learn ALL the notes within a key. Plus, it is moveable to every key.

Major Scales for Classical Guitar (PDF eBook)
For Beginner to Intermediate Classical Guitarists
PDF includes notation, TAB, fingering, diagrams, tips, and more
Open & closed scale patterns as well as open string shifts
Video Lessons for the book and all scales

View in HD Video: https://youtu.be/LhCNdq_45Uw



  1. this video lesson seems to be for D Majors Scales in the window for a Major.

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