Lesson: Adelita by Francisco Tárrega

Lesson: Adelita by TarregaHere’s a free video lesson on how to play Adelita (Mazurca) by Francisco Tárrega (1852–1909). Two of my students are working on this so I thought I would just lay down some tips. I basically just walk through the piece and then discuss some aspects of how to approach it.

Get the FREE Sheet Music PDF here: Adelita Free PDF Sheet Music

Video Link & Source: This is Classical Guitar on YouTube

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  1. Excellent newsletter, as always. I am learning classical guitar, I hope! Can you tell me the width of the fret board on the guitar you are using in in the lesson ‘Adelita’, this looks wide, as apart from learning to play I am also attempting to make a classical guitar, wether that will play, or not, is another matter.

    Anthony E Strong (aka Tony)

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