Lesson by Gohar Vardanyan: Study in B Minor by Sor


Gohar VardanyanI was just about to record a lesson on this very etude which is the last etude in my new eBook but then I see on Strings by Mail’s YouTube the very same lesson by the excellent Gohar Vardanyan! I have little to add to her lesson so please enjoy her lesson instead of my rambling! Make sure to check out more stuff from Gohar and String by Mail. She is using an excellent edition of the complete etudes so feel free to either get that one via Strings by Mail or pick up my PDF download as listed.

This post is for my new PDF eBook: Ten Classical Etudes
Includes fingering, notation & notation + TAB edition.

Study in B Minor (Allegretto) No. 22, Op. 35 by Fernando Sor
I end the book with another study focused on musicality. Again, I do this to remind the student that playing musically is just as important as having good technique. That is the whole point of etudes: to combine good music with a technical or musical element. Work on balance, shaping, phrasing, arpeggios, melody, tone and more. The notation is a bit strange in this work but in general you just play eighth note rhythms most of the time. The longer note values implied are just a suggestion regarding sustain. Bring out that beautiful and simple melody!

Video Link & Source: http://youtu.be/mol7hhtIC-o



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