Maarten Stragier Plays Changes by Elliott Carter

Maarten Stragier ChangesMaarten Stragier, guitar, plays Changes by Elliott Carter (1908-2012) at the Boston Guitarfest 2014. Stragier is currently a doctor of musical arts candidate in the studio of Eliot Fisk at the New England Conservatory, specializing in the oeuvre and aesthetic theories of spectralist composition. Carter was an American composer who was twice awarded the Pulitzer Prize (for his string quartets No. 2 and 3). In 2008, Carter celebrated his 100th birthday at Carnegie Hall, where the Boston Symphony Orchestra and pianist Daniel Barenboim played his Interventions for Piano and Orchestra written that year. Between the ages of 90 and 100 he published more than 40 works, and after his 100th birthday he composed at least 20 more.

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