Review: Giuliani, Carulli, and Carcassi via Mel Bay


I received these books from Mel Bay last week. They include a DVD, Notation, and Tab for classical guitar. They are from “ Classic, created and directed by Reno Brandoni and edited by Andrea Moschetti.

The concept is nothing new, you get videos of the works , tablature and notation. I appreciate that these are useful for some people even though much of this material is available for free online. I suppose the Tab is the thing that people want.

The books could look a bit better. The Tab is slightly too big and although I like the idea of having rhythm in the tablature is makes for a pretty cluttered score. Some might like the big tab for ease for sight. I do like how rests are included in the tab so at least all the tab junkies can better understand the sustain values and voicing. You can see samples at the Mel Bay site and decide for yourself. The Giuliani arpeggios only use two chords, is tab necessary for that one? One other complaint, the fingering sometimes blocks the staff lines so it looks a bit choppy at times. However, anyone buying this is most likely in it for the tab. I suppose it’s as clean looking as it can be with all the notation, fingerings, and tab. As far as tab goes this is pretty useful.

I watched some of the video and it could be useful to some but was not great video quality. You can see close ups of both hands which is great but there are people on YouTube giving higher quality video for free. At the same time, you get all the videos for all the music so that is what the buyer will appreciate.

So are they any good? I really like some Mel Bay material but they sure do push out a lot of stuff these days…some better than others.Well, there is a demand for this type of material so I guess this fills it. I think it could look better, particularly the DVD, but some will find this useful and TAB junkies can go nutz.

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