Miscelanea Guitar Quartet play STAUBZUCKER

Wow, an actual music video! How often do we see this. I like the circle formation of the group and the central rotating camera. The drugged out and trapped character is also good. Very affective vocal work and soundscape from the guitars. The quartet is great, very well rehearsed. Check out the label Aesthis Records and the group Miscelanea Guitar Quartet. Don’t forget the composer: Marios Joannou Elia who has a sweet website (under construction) and awesome pictures (see below).

Miscelanea Guitar Quartet [Kostas Tosidis · Yorgos Pervolarakis · Alejandro Diaz Bandres · Manos Anastasakis] | Actor: Johannes Lange.

A music video by Aesthis Records and ARD07 Film Studio Thessaloniki, directed by Aris Akritidis.

Recording: Austrian Broadcasting Corporation, ORF RadioKulturhaus Vienna, April 2008 | Tonmeister: Andreas Karlberger | Sound assistance: Stefan Wirtisch | Editing and Mixing: Neo Kaplanis | Photography: João Dinis.

With the kind support of Gabriele Zanetti (ORF Vienna), Dr. Alexander Fumagalli (Mozarteum Salzburg), Marie-Louise Nielsen (choreographer, Copenhagen), Tanausu Luis Díaz (ex Miscelanea member), Theresa Bridget Ncdougall-Oeser (Mozarteum Opera Studio), Alector Guitars, Hannabach Strings and Ergoplay.

Sponsored by SKE Fonds / Austro Mechana, Vienna and Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart.

“Staubzucker” — a commission of the International Society for Polyaesthetic Education — was composed in Salzburg in 2007. It is part of Marios Joannou Elia’s portrait CD “Staubzucker — Guitar Music in Ensemble Formations” (to be released in November 2012 by Aesthis Records).


Source: aesthisrecords on YouTube

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