Rafael Aguirre plays Gran Jota by Tárrega

Some pretty shocking work here. He no only plays lighting fast but maintains so much clarity the whole time. Articulations, dynamics, and phrasing are also super clean and ultra clear. Not my favorite piece of all time but offers some nice guitaristic moments. Amazing playing though. Sweet shirt too, makes me think he’s a priest. New nickname:  High Priest Aguirre.

Make sure to see the snare drum section near the end…

Rafael Aguirre “Gran Jota”, de Francisco Tárrega.

Extracto del Recital de guitarra que Rafael Aguirre ofreció en el Concierto de Mediodía (y también en Música en domingo) del 20 de febrero de 2012. “Gran Jota”, de Francisco Tárrega. Fundación Juan March.

Source: YouTube