Superfluidity II for guitar and ensemble by Arturo Fuentes

A great piece for guitar and ensemble by Arturo Fuentes. Really stretches the mind out (!?). I feel that the guitar part is actually in a somewhat traditional role despite the innovative sounds and techniques involved. That changes around half way when the guitar is slightly more melodic with all the harmonics. Nevertheless, the guitar is usually holding down rhythm and creating harmonic textures as well. I think there must be a quarter-tone tuning in the guitar but I’m not sure about that. Super colourful piece with lots of interesting rhythms and textures as well as a nice sense of pacing.

Superfluidity II, for guitar and ensemble, PHACE ensemble, Simeon Pironkoff (cond)., Jürgen Ruck (guitar), Arturo Fuentes (music). Premiered in Wien Modern, Nov. 2011, Vienna.

Source: YouTube

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