Tymon Zieliński Plays Irene by Marek Pasieczny

Tymon-ZIELIŃSKITymon Zieliński (age 11) performing Irene (Greek dance ) from ‘Travels’ (Podróże) by Marek Pasieczny. The video is via Pasieczny’s YouTube. Piotr Kosmowski (teacher). Recorded during the 10th Łukasz Pietrzak Festival and Competition “GITAROMANIA”; Jelenia Góra; Poland. Always nice to see the young generation really getting into the classical guitar. I was impressed with the mature sound and thoughtful articulations and coloration. Plus, you know, he’s 11 years old!

Video Link & Source: https://youtu.be/8N5lYsxrkuA

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