Vintage Kanengiser playing Mozart

Some vintage William Kanengiser playing the Turkish March by Mozart. I have to say, Kanengiser can play better than this so you really should check out his more recent material. In fact the recording of this piece sounds pretty great in comparison to the video. Truly, check out some of his awesome arrangement and recordings of other material. However, who can resist watching this Mozartian fluff. Amazing that he can make this sound the way it does. He’s got a pretty awesome technique for this, making it crisp and punchy. However, I have to say that it still disappoints in comparison to any professional piano performances of the piece. Mozart is very, very, dead and thus rolling over in his grave is probably quite difficult in his old age. Still fun though. Looks/sounds like he’s playing spaghetti tension strings too. And thus concludes my rambling and mixed review of this fun video. For the record, Kanengiser is awesome.

Source: YouTube

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