Drifting by Aaron Larget-Caplan

Drifting by Aaron Larget-Caplan Vol.3 of the New Lullaby ProjectAaron Larget-Caplan, 2021.New Lullaby ProjectStone RecordsAmerican Composers Alliance Another fantastic volume from the New Lullaby Project by Aaron Larget-Caplan. The New Lullaby Project actively commissions new music lullabies by contemporary composers. It’s amazing he’s already on Volume 3, what a monumental amount of commissions and performances. He’s also been publishing the sheet music as he goes (see below). With wonderful performances, beautiful compositions, and the scores allowing you to perform your favourite works, this is a must-follow project. Buy or Listen to Samples: bandcamp, Spotify and more. From the Liner Notes via bandcamp: … Continue reading Drifting by Aaron Larget-Caplan