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Sidebar advertisement

Link Text: Max 50 letters.

Image: Max 250px width x 100px height.

Newsletter advertisement:

The newsletter goes out to thousands of subscribers. Newsletters get sent to subscriber’s email inboxes. This is the best advertising I offer because I clean out my newsletter subscribers so that nearly every person is an active user, that is, almost everyone on my newsletter list clicks on links within the emails. I use the newsletter service: MailChimp.

Link text: 

Max 100 letters.

Placement: Under the heading: “Newsletter Sponsor”

Your text ad on one newsletter send (that is, one email). That means your ad reaches thousands of people directly to their email inboxes.

Text & Image: 

Max 100 letters, max image size 350px width – 200 height. I can resize your image if you need.

Placement: Under the heading: “Newsletter Sponsors”

Your text and image ad on only one newsletter send (that is, one email). That means your ad reaches thousands of people directly to their email inbox.

Conditions (PLEASE READ):

At this time I am only allowing sidebar advertisements and newsletter advertisements. Sidebar ads get shown on every post and page that uses the sidebar (that’s about 99.0% of the site).

Payment is made by a secure paypal payment, no other forms of payment are accepted.

I reserve the right to decline ad proposals for any reason I deem fit.

You reserve the right to get your full month of advertising once ad agreement and planning is complete.

I reserve the right to increase or decrease the price of advertisements. I may only increase or decrease your rate once your 30 day period, or other agreed upon advertisement length, has been completed.

I reserve the right to place as many ads on my site and/or newsletter as I choose. I reserve the right to run ads simultaneously by placing ads next to each other or below/above each other.

There are no guarantee’s that people will either click on your ad on the site or link in the newsletter. Payment is for placement of the ad, not the number of clicks. There are no refunds if I have completed my part by placing the ad on my site and/or newsletter. Some emails end up in peoples junk folder, for me this is a very small amount as people double confirm their subscription to me. However, I am not responsible or accountable for the number of emails successful sent to people’s inboxes.

At no time will you get any administrative access to my website. Any malicious, offensive, or harmful code or content will be reported to authorities.

Thanks for your time and consideration. – Bradford