First time here?

Welcome to This is Classical Guitar. I originally created this website for my students at the Victoria Conservatory of Music. The site title answers the question, “what is classical guitar?” Sharing high quality pro videos and content help my students absorb the culture and techniques of music and the classical guitar. I also provide lessons to help students learn and trustworthy sheet music with videos. By following the site you can become my student or just stay inspired by all the great music.

Where do I start? 

  1. Join the free membership newsletter – It’s free and this is how you’ll receive inspirational classical guitar videos, pro performances, lessons, sheet music, and more. It’s a way to stay connected to classical guitar and get a weekly dose of quality classical guitar culture.

The site has four main areas of focus 

  1. Pro Videos – Watch, enjoy, learn with some of the best.
  2. Free Lessons – All my videos and lessons are free to watch.
  3. Sheet Music with Videos – Find some new music to play.
  4. Interest Articles – All sorts of goodies from history to gear and reviews.

How do I learn to play classical guitar?

Although I still recommend having an in-person teacher, you can learn on my site using the lesson page. See the curriculum below but also explore new topics from the lesson page to start to absorbing the ideas slowly over time. How to Learn Using my Books and Videos: See My Curriculum and Educational Outline.

Do you have a curriculum to follow?

Yes, below is the progression of educational materials on the site in order of study. All the lessons on the site are free and my first method is also a free PDF. Make sure you also visit the lesson page to learn to hold your guitar and properly position your hands and fingers. Each of these books represent a full course of study so take your time. My methods represent at months to a year of work so I think that’s a great value compared to paywall sites. If list is overwhelming see my page on How to Use my Educational Series of books.

Plenty more to explore

The site is filled with plenty more to explore from reviews, gear, community lists, and more. Just have fun exploring.

Watch Random Videos

You can watch random videos on my Youtube channel anytime. For example, this famous work by Sanz, Canarios.

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