Classical Guitar Method – Volume Two

Classical Guitar Method – Volume Two by Bradford Werner 
For classical and fingerstyle guitar

This book teaches classical and fingerstyle guitar skills with a focus on reading tonal music. It includes solos, duos, chords, and exercises, giving students a well-rounded and enjoyable musical experience. Designed as a manageable amount of material, it supplements weekly lessons and prepares students for early intermediate repertoire. The four sections of study allow students to focus on specific strengths and weaknesses in the learning process. YouTube video lessons provide students extra help with musicality and guitar technique. Also see the free 100 page Volume One Method Book.

Free PDF Samples
PDF Cover, Preface and Table of Contents – Learn about the educational sections and concepts.
Part 1 – C Major Sample – Reading music, duets, solos, and chords in common keys.
Part 2 – Upper Position Sample – Learning to read music in 3rd and 5th position.
Part 3 – Rhythm Training Sample – Progressive rhythm exercises on open strings.
Part 4 – Technique Sample – Basic arpeggios, one of the many technique exercises.

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Hardcopy Print Edition

Jan. 2018 – Four part chord progressions removed, additional fingering and chord diagrams added for better comprehension.

Video Lessons for Vol. 2 (Links to YouTube)

Big thanks to Natasha Pashchenko for recording the duets.

Student FAQs

What kind of time management should I use when practicing? 
If you practice 60min a day I would divide your time in this way and order: 10min to part 4 (technique), 10min to part 2 and 3 (rhythm & upper positions), 20min to part 1 (pieces, duets, reading), and 20min for your own interests and past pieces you can play well. End with pieces you can play well can be a nice way to finish your practice session with a positive and happy feeling about music.