Advertising and Sponsorship

I am currently accepting advertising and sponsorship ideas that are directly related to classical guitar. If I approve your brand or product and believe it is of value to my viewers I may be interested in sharing it via the site, YouTube, and social media. Send me an email and we can discuss the possibility:


  • Sponsorship may include product use/placement or brand awareness through advertisements and logo placement on the site. This is all subject to relevance and suitability. I need to have used the product and believe in its value before considering it. Contact me.

Current Ad Options as of July 2021

  • Website Sidebar Image Advertisements
  • Image: Maximum size 248px width x 248px height.
  • Sidebar ads get shown on every post and page that uses the sidebar (that’s about 99.9% of the site).
  • The ad would be placed in the right sidebar directly under the Werner Guitar Editions Logo
  • The image can be a clickable link

Consider this

  • Rates are based on equivalent revenue from previous ads or demand. Rates may change.
  • At this time I am only accepting relevant classical guitar content subject to approval by me.
  • I reserve the right to decline ad proposals for any reason based on how they fit my vision of the site.
  • Payment is made only via PayPal for our mutual protection.
  • You reserve the right to get your full month of advertising once the ad agreement and planning is complete.
  • I reserve the right to increase or decrease the price of advertisements upon renewal. I may only increase or decrease your rate once your agreed upon advertisement length has been completed.
  • At no time will you get any administrative access to my website. I will only place images with links (no other coding).