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Classical Guitar Reviews, Gear, & Accessories. This page links to full reviews I’ve made for the site or to Amazon or other places you can purchase gear. None of this is paid placement, I just review stuff as I try it out. I’m always curious: If your products aren’t listed here I’m always interested in trying out new ones. Contact me:

See Reviews & New Release Category – all my reviews for album recordings, books, sheet music, and more. Below is just a list of gear.

Bradford’s Current Gear

Guitar Reviews & Guitars For Sale

See my full page: Guitars for Sale and Reviews.

Guitar Supports & Footstools

Full review page with comparison vids: Ergonomic Guitar Rests, Supports, Cushions. Below are top picks.

Accessories (Tuners & Metronomes, etc)

Classical Guitar String Reviews

You can see my full review of strings here. Below are my top picks.

Recording Gear for Guitar

Classical Guitar Books

See my full list of books on the Book Review Page. These are not sheet music. Below are my top picks.