Hiscox Liteflite Artist Classical Guitar Case

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They come in a range of levels in regards to quality, protection, and price starting at around $279-$530 USD. They also make cases for steel-string and other instruments. I bought the Hiscox Liteflite Artist Classical Guitar Case. Make sure you check the sizes and specs before buying!

Hiscox Liteflite Artist Promo Blurb

  • Original Liteflite construction.
  • Outer shell increased to nominal 2.5mm* thick. This increase in outer shell thickness improves the impact/puncture resistance be 4 times compared to our standard range!
  • Fully hardened aluminium valance for increased rigidity over Standard and Pro-II ranges.
  • More heavily padded interior finished in deluxe velour.
  • 100% leather handle.
  • 5th catch fitted (6th catch fitted on larger cases – guitar cases only).
  • 2” wide carrying strap included.

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