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This is Classical Guitar is one of the most popular classical guitar publications online. If you’re a regular reader of the site, please consider supporting my efforts so I can continue posting free lessons, music, and articles. Now that the readership has increased, I find myself dedicating hours of each day to the site so it’s time to ask for your help. I would also like to dedicate more of my personal time to creating content for you so any help you can provide would be appreciated. You can help by sharing links to the site or on social media, buying from our links, or donating. – Bradford


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Instead of donating cash you can contribute to Bradford’s guitar supplies. Help the website by sending items and upgrades to support the hours of free work the website requires. I’ll use some items for reviews, youtube lessons, my students, research, quality upgrades, and more.

See my Amazon Wish List  – A list of supplies I’ve selected. When you go to this list you can add products to your cart and they will be sent to my address as a gift.

Send me a digital Amazon Gift Card – When you buy it just put my email as the recipient:

You can use your Amazon account login from any country for the above, it’s all connected. You are also welcome to send digital gift cards from any other store you prefer, just keep in mind that I live in Canada.

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There are many other ways to support this site and only one of them includes giving money. Here’s a list of ways:

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