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Free classical guitar sheet music and tabs. Almost all of our classical guitar sheet music is in PDF format with notation and TAB plus video performances and lessons to help you learn. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, and grades. Also visit Werner Guitar Editions, my dedicated store for free & premium sheet music, tab, videos, lessons. Instant PDFs, the best security and payment options. Visit Werner Guitar Editions or stay here and browse.

Sheet Music & Videos from Werner Guitar Editions

Almost all my sheet music selections have free video performances and lessons. Remember, music wasn’t written with grades in mind and pros play pieces from all levels so enjoy each list equally.

Recommended Collections & Methods From Other Publishers

Recommended editions from other trusted publishers, links to Amazon & Sheet Music Plus.

  • Recommended Technique Books 
  • Pumping Nylon by Scott Tennant – Exercises & workouts, memorable and popular. This book is great for students who want to dive into real technique practice for the first time. It’s by no means comprehensive but it’s manageable, I used to play cover to cover almost daily. Kind of a ‘favorite’ exercises book.
  • Pumping Nylon in TAB by Scott Tennant – You tab junkie!
  • The Bible of Classical Guitar Technique by Käppel – 245 pages of exercises and excellent text advice, photos, explanations, and tons of exercises. Maybe too much content for some people? I find it difficult to use but I can’t ignore that it is one of the most comprehensive books today.
  • Classical Guitar Technique (Part1) by Stanley Yates – Text heavy but lots of great info. Halfway between a method on how to play technique as well as many exercises. For those who want tons of information.
  • Classical Guitar Technique (Part2) by Stanley Yates – as above but continued.
  • Recommended Method Books 
  • Sight Reading for the Classical Guitar, Level I-III, and Level IV-V – Form, phrasing, dynamics, and reading skills. These are sight reading books more than they are method books so don’t expect as much explanation. I use these with my students.
  • The Shearer Method (Shearer/Kikta/Hirsh) – See my full article on all four books. Book 1 – Foundations / 2 – Developments / 3 – Learning the Fingerboard / 4 – Harmony. This is the most comprehensive method series currently available for beginner to intermediate classical guitar. The books give you a combined 830 pages of advice, theory, exercises, repertoire, and more.
  • Theory – It’s needed, what can I say?
  • RCM Theory Books (Amazon) – I recommend these RCM boosk with a teacher to gain a real understanding of music theory. It’s slow, I know, but important. For more of just an overview or self study you could try the Berklee Theory Book or the Hal Leonard Music Theory for Guitar but it’s hard to retain the info in overview books.

Recommended Editions from Other Publishers

Recommended editions from other trusted publishers, links go to Amazon & Sheet Music Plus. Grade levels are simply Easy (E), Intermediate (I), Advanced (A) or combos for multiple levels such as Intermediate-to-Advanced = I-A.

  • Elliot Carter (1908-2012) – USA
  • Changes (A)
  • Rodney Sharman (1958-) – Canada
  • In a Room (A)

Sheet Music Paired with Videos from All Sources

Recommended editions from Werner Guitar Editions AND professional editors, publishers, and guitarists around the world with links to free sources, Amazon, Sheet Music Plus, or other trusted online stores.

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Free Facsimile & Public Domain Sheet Music

These scores are either over 50 years old or have been released under a public domain or creative commons license. I’ll try to only post the good ones but be warned as to quality.

Historical Method Books for Classical Guitar