25 Progressive Studies, Op.60 by Fernando Sor

25 Progressive Studies, Op.60 by Fernando Sor - PDF Sheet Music or Tab

25 Progressive Studies, Op.60 by Fernando Sor (1778–1839) – Original Title: Introduction à l’étude de la guitare. PDF Sheet Music or Tab for Classical Guitar. Comes with both a notation-only edition and a tab edition. Left hand fingering. Early to Late-Intermediate (Grades 1-7). This is a PDF download.

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Fernando Sor’s Op.60 is one of the most famous of all etude collections in the classical guitar repertoire. Each study covers a different pedagogical concept but the primary goal of the collection as a whole is the ability to play legato across various textures. I have kept Sor’s left hand fingering concepts but updated and modernized some to maximize legato phrasing. There is no right hand fingering in the original and therefore has been omitted here for a clean and flexible score. However, a thorough technique routine of scales and arpeggios should be more than enough to accomplish these studies. Some right hand concepts are explored in the video lessons.

Video Performances and Lessons

All videos estimated to be completed in 2021. Stay tuned. Grading is very flexible depending on your tempo.

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  1. Hi prof. Werner, what type of nylon string do you use and how do you amplify your classical guitar sound?

  2. Will i be able to retain this list and access to the videos? I am loving these tutorials and am an avid lover of Sor and his Ittle melodies. Thanks for doing them, so much information

  3. Really enjoying these studies. I didnt think I’d say it but they certainly challenge me and I am finding myself refocussing on my method and technique. Very satisfying indeed and video tutorials are just the best.

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