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Review: Guitarlift – Back Mounted Guitar Support and Rest
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Thanks so much to the site supporter who had an extra Guitarlift and sent one up to me to try out and review. I was hesitant about the support due to its size but I was pleasantly surprised at how it felt and positioned my guitar. Keep in mind that they have many different sizes to choose from I like the medium.

The Good Stuff: I love the Guitarlift for how stable it feels and how I can get the perfect playing position. Those are the two most important things for guitar supports and rests. For those two reasons I like the Guitarlift. It also doesn’t slip on my leg and might even keep the guitar vibrating longer and louder since the back wood of the guitar doesn’t rest on my chest.  I might also recommend it for kids due to how stable it is.

Considerations: It’s bulky and annoying to travel with, you can’t just throw it in your bag. But it works so can’t complain too much. My suction cups did not come off, they worked great even without their adhesive foil or my static viynl cling. The suction cup helper and protector I mention is Grafix ClingViynl. I’ve used it on French polish and polyurethane finishes but I’ve been told not to use on lacquer finishes so use at your own risk, ask your luthier or maker. It was a little awkward to position the Guitarlift but once you get a good position you could work out a quick system either with your suction cup protectors or by marking the position somehow.

Overall: A solid guitar support that feels great to play. It’s comfortable, stable, and secure. It’s on the big side but that is a small price to pay for something that works this well.

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Guitarlift Promo text ( “Are you searching for a perfectly adaptable, stable, reliable and good-looking guitar rest? Then look no further with Guitarlift®! The absolute novelty of the patented product is the attachment of the support to the back of the guitar. This allows you to precisely adjust the angle and height. The distinctive leg cut provides the strongest non-slip hold. Individual requirements for positioning, stability and reliability encompass a variety of solutions. You can find your own unique solution through the vast range of models from our three product lines and also in the accessories shop. Our philosophy is that we only use durable and high quality materials. We produce exclusively in Germany and offer you excellent services.”

Guitarlift - Back Mounted Guitar Support and Rest
Guitarlift - Back Mounted Guitar Support and Rest
Guitarlift - Back Mounted Guitar Support and Rest


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  1. I just got my guitar lift but the section cups keep popping off the guitar no matter how firmly I press down on the ups.What am I doing wrong?

  2. Hello Brad !
    Is it possible (easy) to put with it the guitar on the right foot and not the usual left one ?
    thanks !

  3. Hi! Do you know if Guitarlift has Canadian distribution now? Not sure which size to get and would love to see these hands-on!

    Love your site!!

  4. Bradford – thank you for your review and your contribution to the Classical Guitar world. This is Classical Guitar is a valuable resource for guitarists. I have been using the Guitar Lift for over a year now and I love it.
    The Grafix Clingviynl you recommend works great on French Polish, but I also use it on my other guitars to help protect the polish. The suction cups do not slip with the cling film. I plan to buy a second Guitar Lift because it is a little annoying moving it from one guitar to another.

  5. Great review Brad, as always. A couple other downsides I’ve heard mentioned: 1. Can’t be used on an arch-backed or “cello-like” carved back guitar, i.e., the back of the guitar must be flat, so any guitar back that isn’t perfectly flat will be problematic. 2. Likewise, it can’t be attached to a guitar case that isn’t flat, so, as you indicated, hauling it around would be a bit of a hassle. Regarding how to quickly attach the device to your guitar once the “sweet spot” is decided on, I’d take a black permanent marker and outline the bottom of the guitar on the device as a quick reference line. Finally, wrt your concern with using suction cups, I’d be very surprised if there’s ever been an instance of one of these devices failing. The size of the cups and the fact that there are four of them suggests to me a virtually infallible level of redundancy. Nonetheless, once burned twice learned – I’m guessing you’ve likely experienced a harrowing suction cup failure at some point, leaving you justifiably skeptical. Warm regards, Mark

    • The article said that the guitarLift is bulky —- there is a smaller one that I was advised to buy because I’m left-handed —– I didn’t need the smaller size because you can take out the screws and put the stickers in backwards —- I worried a little that it might not be stable — but it has never let me down (I’m only an amateur, but I play many hours a day, ) —- and the small size is handy because it fits easily into the case. It is way better than the other supports I’ve tried.

  6. Great review! Amazing timing too. I am new to classical guitar (3 months) but have played steel string and electric over 40 years. I am quite short so the footstool and regular chair combination is kind of uncomfortable. I like using a strap but that seems like not the norm for this style. I have tried a few supports but they put the guitar at a funky angle. I just saw these come up on instagram and was going to buy one but they are a bit pricey so I made one, which I tried for the first time this afternoon about an hour before this review hit Facebook, and WOW! the position of the guitar is perfect. It doesn’t matter what type of chair i use. The guitar sits VERY solid and comfortable and my playing position is spot on. My back feels great and no more weird leg position. Having tried one now I would definitely buy one if I didn’t have machinist skills.

    Thanks for all the lessons and great information on this site! It’s a tremendous resource. Your teaching is making it a joy to learn and grow as a guitarist.

  7. For what it’s worth, I saw the Mobius Trio last night in live performance, and one of them was using this gadget with his seven-string guitar throughout the show. It looked bizarre but he had no obvious trouble.