Classical Guitar in Canada

The Classical Guitar in Canada category features Canadian guitarists. Although This is Classical Guitar now has an international scope, I’m based in Canada and offer a Canadian spotlight when possible. Long ago, I used to run the website Classical Guitar Canada which eventually was turned into a category on this site. Remember that this just my one-person personal blog so I can’t list every guitar activity or player in Canada. There is so much good stuff happening in Canada that I can’t even keep track of it all. Feel free to contact me to add to a list or with questions.

I maintain a number of lists which include a Canadian classical guitar section. Please visit those pages for regular updates on listings for luthiers, festivals, dealers, and programs.

Visit the Canadian Blog Category for listings with images. Below is a chronological list of featured Canadian guitarists. Some of the earlier content on this list was created for my site Classical Guitar Canada but was transferred here starting in 2010.