McGregor-Verdejo Duo Play Missing You by Sharman

McGregor-Verdejo Duo with Mark McGregor (alto flute) and Adrian Verdejo (classical guitar) perform Missing You by Rodney Sharman. This comes via Redshift Music Society and their Youtube channel. This is also from a new online concert series, Duets, featuring video recordings of live performances of Canadian works via the Canadian Music Centre BC, in partnership with Redshift Music Society. Score available from Canadian Music Centre. Beautiful performance and composition with such a delicate texture in the guitar part. Below are the composer’s notes via the YouTube description:

Missing You was written for the McGregor-Verdejo Duo in Summer 2020, a time of social isolation due an ongoing pandemic. At the duo’s request, I wrote a piece informed by the work of composer Jo Kondo, with whom I studied Japanese music at the University of Victoria. Kondo’s music has an elusive “between categories” texture I admire greatly: is it almost the same music at almost the same time (heterophony)? Is the same music layered with itself staggered in time (a round, or canon)? Is the music’s line or melody divided between performers such that fragments create a whole (hocket)? Does tone colour create the illusion of melody (Klangfarbenmelodie)? Adrian Verdejo and Mark McGregor are dedicated interpreters of my work. It was a pleasure to write for them as a duo; Missing You dedicated to them, commissioned through the generosity of the Canada Council for the Arts.

via Redshift Music Society on Youtube

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