Free Classical Guitar Lessons

Classical Guitar LessonsLearn classical guitar with free classical guitar lessons, courses, tutorials, inspiration, and practice advice. I’ve also created a curriculum to help guide beginner students via my educational series of books. Many of the lessons are from various professional guitarists and more specific lessons by your host here on the site, me, Bradford Werner. I teach classical guitar privately and at the Victoria Conservatory of Music, in Victoria, BC, Canada. I also offers Video Response & Skype Lessons. The best way to learn classical guitar is still through one-on-one lessons (in person) with a qualified teacher. That said, I made these lessons for my students and to supplement their learning experience. I hope you find them useful and enjoyable. Happy practicing.

Classical Guitar Lessons – Courses

  • Theory – I recommend studying the RCM Theory Books along with a qualified teacher. For self study you could try the Berklee Theory Book or the HL Theory for Guitar but it’s hard to retain the info in overview books. Another approach is jazz/improvisation, a great way to engage with music theory.

Classical Guitar Lessons (Reference as Needed)

As you progress start to recognize your strengths and weaknesses and you’ll need to review certain topics. Use the below lists to review or learn techniques and topics that are giving you trouble. Also, pick random topics on a daily basis as inspiration before you practice. Reviewing lesson videos might remind you of a factor you’ve forgotten or overlooked. Enjoy!

Lessons for my eBooks

Video lessons for my ebooks are listed below the product description and buying info and are free to watch.

Graded Repertoire Video Lessons

The grades here are loosely based on the RCM Toronto. The grades are preparatory to grade 10 and then the ARCT. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as grades in music, pros play from a variety of levels. Many pieces could go in different grades depending on the quality and speed you want to play it at. However, the intention is to help students find repertoire appropriate to their level. ‘Book’ refers to hardcopy links.

Lessons from my eBook: Ten Classical Etudes
Approximately Grade 3-7 RCM

Lessons from my ebook: 20 Favorite Exercises

Brouwer Etudes (Estudios Sencillos)

Pumping Nylon Video Lesson

 Ricardo Iznaola’s Kitharologus: The Path to Virtuosity Video Lesson

Flamenco Influenced Lessons

General topics in music:

Recommended Methods & Technique Books