Classical Guitar Lessons

Classical Guitar Lessons

Learn classical guitar with free lessons, courses, video tutorials, inspiration, and practice advice. I originally created this site for my students at the Victoria Conservatory of Music, but I still aim for the quality and compassion that students need for each lesson. My curriculum guides students through my educational book series and free video lessons. I hope this page supplements and enriches your learning experience.

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Orientation Pages

Essential Classical Guitar Lessons

Courses for Classical Guitar

A Variety of Popular Lessons

Classical Guitar Lesson Index (Reference as Needed)

As you progress you’ll start to recognize your strengths and weaknesses and the need to review certain topics. Use the below lists to review or learn techniques or topics as needed. Also, pick random topics on a daily basis as inspiration. Reviewing lesson videos might remind you of a factor you’ve forgotten or overlooked.

Posture and Sitting Position

Right Hand Lessons

Right Hand Exercises (Open Strings & Arpeggios)

Tremolo Lessons

Fingernail Lessons

Left Hand Lessons & Exercises 

Scales, Shifts, Triadic Arpeggios

Slur (Hammer-ons, Pull-offs)

Additional Left Hand Topics

Ornamentation on Guitar

Early Music Performance Practice and Transcription Lessons

Rhythm Lessons

Additional Techniques & Topics

Technique Routines, Time Management

Q&A Lessons with Bradford Werner

Additional Lessons and Special Topics

Historical Interest

Recording Tips

Lessons with Professional Guitarists

General / Other Lessons

Learn About Luthiers and Guitar Design

Select Etudes for Technique Training

Most etudes cover multiple topics so the topic headings are only loosely helpful. Read the individual descriptions for more information.

Graded Repertoire Video Lessons

Keep in mind that there is no such thing as grades in music, pros play from a variety of levels. Many pieces could go in different grades depending on the quality and speed you want to play it at. However, the intention is to help students find repertoire appropriate to their level. ‘Book’ refers to hardcopy links.

Lessons from my eBook: Ten Classical Etudes
Approximately Grade 3-7 RCM

Lessons from my ebook: 20 Favorite Exercises

Brouwer Etudes (Estudios Sencillos)

Flamenco Influenced Lessons

General topics in music: