Jorge Caballero: A Lesson on Speed for Classical Guitar

An interesting video lesson by Jorge Caballero  about how to play fast and increase your speed on classical guitar. I like his note about the different types of speed. Also, it’s so important for students to know that speed does not make a performance, it’s musical playing that connects with your audience. Jorge is a GFA winner and spectacular performer. I had the privilege of seeing him perform a while back and was very impressed. If you’re looking for a technique book you can check out my review of classical guitar technique and exercise books.

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In this video, I’d like to talk about a technique to play scales called Reflexive Speed. This technique follows the laws of inertia, in that a single stroke can trigger a chain energy reaction in the following fingers.


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  1. Dear Mr Caballero,

    I too never looked at speed enhancement this way before – most interesting original perception. As a mature student of the guitar [meaning precisely, I started late in life ! ] I find it an endless problem. The Villa Lobos Etudes I study, namely No. 7 and especially No 1 in particular I now play in all respects in an acceptable manner, except for speed.

    Can you please develop the theme of speed, especially with arpeggios. I really need your help.


    Malcolm Yellon

  2. Hi Jorge. I’m learning to play Recuerdos de la Alhambre and I’m having trouble with my right hand speed. What is this technique called and how can I achieve a reasonable sound ?

  3. Very well explained, never looked at it that way, Thank you very much Jorge. I come from a modern guitar type world and have found myself needing to teach classical guitar to young kids. Your description of the use of the fingers and the physics behind the technique is something I think all inspiring guitarist as well as teachers and performers can learn from. Thanks again.