Classical Guitar Programs: Colleges, Universities, Conservatories

Post-Secondary Classical Guitar Programs at Colleges, Universities, Schools, and Conservatories.

Prominent Post-Secondary Classical Guitar Programs at Colleges, Universities, Schools, and Conservatories. Looking to study toward a undergraduate, masters, or doctorate in music degree in classical guitar? Check out these great classical guitar programs at the university of your choice. Here’s a list of potential schools and their faculty.

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  • I’m starting with Canada and the US first, I’ll get around to the whole world soon.
  • So far I’m starting with established or famous faculty and schools first.
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  • I’ll try to list faculty but beware of changes or inaccuracies. Not all the faculty mentor post-secondary students, some just teach courses or are loosely affiliated.


Concordia University (Montreal, Quebec)- Tariq Harb, Patrick Kearney, Tim Brady (electric)

McGill University (Montreal, Quebec) – Jérôme Ducharme, Patrick Kearney, Steven Cowan, Garry Antonio, Timothy Dobby

University of Ottawa (Ottawa, Ontario) – Philip Candelaria, Patrick Roux, Louis Trépanier

University of Toronto (Toronto, Ontario) – Jeffrey McFadden, Rob MacDonald

More coming soon

United States of America

Cleveland Institute of Music (Ohio) – Jason Vieaux, Colin Davin

The Juilliard School (New York, NY) – Sharon Isbin, Mark Delpriora, Tali Roth

Manhattan School of Music (New York, NY) – David Leisner, Mark Delpriora, Oren Fader, David Starobin

Mannes School of Music (New York, NY) – Frederic Hand, Michael Newman

New England Conservatory (Boston, MA) – Eliot Fisk

Oberlin College and Conservatory (Oberlin, Ohio) – Stephen Aron

Peabody Institute, Johns Hopkins (Baltimore, MD) – Manuel Barrueco, Thomas Viloteau, Zane Forshee, Julian Gray

Purchase College (New York State) – Oren Fader

San Francisco Conservatory of Music – David Tanenbaum, Judicaël Perroy, Richard Savino, Marc Teicholz

University of Southern California – Scott Tennant, Brian Head, William Kanengiser, Pepe Romero

The University of Texas at Austin – Adam Holzman

More coming soon