Classical Guitarists and Featured Artists

Classical Guitarists - A list of featured classical guitar players from around the world

Classical Guitarists – A list of quality classical guitar players from around the world verified by being featured on this site. These are professional guitarists and emerging artists as well as community leaders and personalities in the classical guitar world. All guitarists listed here have been featured on the site to ensure their high standards of playing and/or community good will. This list is a catalogue of the site’s featured artists and therefore not open to submissions.

This list is being created retroactively so will be updated over the next few months.

Links go to featured posts of the artist on this site.

Classical Guitarists

Gabriel Bianco

Marco De Biasi

Adam Cicchillitti

Matthew Cochran

Steve Cowan

Simon Farintosh

Salvatore Fortunato

Irene Gomez

Tariq Harb

Antonia Haslinger

Drew Henderson

Chad Ibison

Patrik Kleemola

Adam Kossler

John Kossler

Mateusz Kowalski

Aaron Larget-Caplan

Thu Le

Seungyeon Lee

Matthew McAllister

Marisa Minder

Anabel Montesinos

Bozhana Pavlova

Fabio Perciballi

Antonio Rugolo

Meng Su

Tsunehito Tsuchihashi

Adrian Verdejo

Yameng Wang

Gaku Yamada

Hao Yang

Lute, Baroque Guitar, and Early Music Plucked Instruments

Ariel Abramovich

Jonatan Bougt

Michal Gondko

Evangelina Mascardi

Elizabeth Pallett

Classical Guitar Duos

Vienna Duo