This is Classical Guitar explores classical guitar featuring new videos by professional guitarists, free lessons, sheet music with videos, and interesting articles. The blog showcases the culture and education of the classical guitar to help students and viewers stay inspired. Werner Guitar Editions features sheet music with videos so you can find great music to play. Bradford Werner handpicks all the newly released media by current professionals as well as emerging young artists. He also creates educational content to help students improve. Established in 2012, This is Classical Guitar will remain free to view and subscribe to forever. Made in Canada.

Site Name and History – The site name answers the question, “what is classical guitar?” I originally created this site for my students at the Victoria Conservatory of Music. Sharing daily guitar content helps students absorb the culture, musical ideas, and technique of classical guitar. I’ve expanded the site over the years but I still only post high quality content that will benefit my students.

Guitar Lesson in Victoria, Bradford Werner

Bradford Werner (Editor)
Bradford Werner is a classical guitarist and music publisher from British Columbia, Canada. He owns and edits the online publication This is Classical Guitar and sheet music publisher Werner Guitar Editions. He has taught a wide range of students from dedicated youth, hobbyists adults, and emerging professionals in college programs. Bradford taught classical guitar at the Victoria Conservatory of Music for 16 years and freelanced and performed in Greater Victoria for 20 years. He adjudicates festivals, and has given exams and masterclasses for the Alberta Provincial Festival, Mount Royal University Conservatory, Calgary Guitar Society, Camosun College, and many more. He was a member of the Quelus Guitar Duo, and the Victoria Guitar Trio with Michael Dias and Adrian Verdejo. The trio has commissioned numerous world premieres and, with support from the Canada Council for the Arts, has recorded an album on RedShift Records showcasing contemporary Canadian composers. Personal Website: bradfordwerner.ca

Erin Frances Fisher

Also check out my partner Erin Frances Fisher who is an amazing pianist and author. We both taught at the Victoria Conservatory of Music for 16 years and have played chamber music ever since. She helps type out the sheet music before I add the fingering and do the final edits. She is also a fantastic writer and has this awesome collection of short stories titled That Tiny Life published by Anansi Press. You can buy her collection via Anansi Press, Amazon.ca (Canada), or Amazon.com (USA). In settings that range from the old American West to pre-revolutionary France, from a present-day dig site in the high tablelands of South America to deep space, That Tiny Life is a wide-ranging and utterly original collection of short fiction and a novella that examines the idea of progress ― humanity’s never-ending cycle of creation and destruction.


What type of guitar does Bradford Werner play? Bradford Werner plays on a Douglass Scott classical guitar. You can see all his gear here.

Why is the site, lessons, and newsletter free? Because he originally created the site and newsletter for his students and still sends it to them, Bradford made it free, simple, and has not allowed paid advertisements.

Lessons in Person – Bradford currently offers in person classical lessons in Trail, BC but I will be returning to Victoria, BC and is accepting students for fall 2025: classical guitar lessons in Victoria. Erin Frances Fisher teaches piano lessons in Trail, BC.