Study No.1, Op.60 by Fernando Sor

Performance and Lesson for Study No.1, Op.60 by Fernando Sor (1778–1839). This is from my PDF or hardcopy sheet music or tab edition for classical guitar: 25 Progressive Studies, Op.60 by Fernando Sor.

Fernando Sor’s Op.60 is one of the most famous of all etude collections in the classical guitar repertoire. Each study covers a different pedagogical concept but the primary goal of the collection as a whole is the ability to play legato across various textures.

I would place this study around the grade 1 level. Here’s the YouTube Link for this lesson in case you want to watch it there.


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  1. Cheers. I normally default to the 4th finger for D and G simply because I find it easier. And now I’ve actually played this piece, I see that it’s quite practical to just use the 4th. Incidentally, slight subject swerve here, I’ve played it sight reading, but I’ve seen it recommended that chords are used wherever possible ie; D7 and G in this one. I keep trying to set up the chords, but then I get to the second note of the measure and think “oh, I was supposed to form a chord for this”. I am finding it harder to remember to form the chords than to simply play the notes. What’s your take on this?

  2. Howdy (again). I’m going back to zero every few months (this is about the 20th time) and here I am with study no.1. A quick question: As soon as I looked at this, before seeing the suggested fingerings, I instinctively wanted to use 3 and 4 for the D and G. Now I notice that you suggest just using 4. I’ve also seen the one of the other online guides suggests only 3. Obviously, I don’t know what Fernando suggested. Can you let me in on the reasoning? Cheers.