Mademoiselle Tiroloise by Weiss (PDF, Lesson)

Mademoiselle Tiroloise (SW28) by Weiss for Guitar (Sheet Music, Tab)

Mademoiselle Tiroloise (SW28) in D Major from the London Manuscript by Sylvius Leopold Weiss (1687–1750). Sheet Music and/or Tab for Classical Guitar. Comes with both a notation only edition and a notation + tab edition. Left hand fingering. PDF Download. Drop D tuning (6th string to D). Level: Late-Intermediate (Grade 7).

One of the most important Baroque lutenists and composers and a direct contemporary of Bach, we are very lucky to have the music Weiss. This is one of a few of Weiss’ easier and shorter works and transfers nicely to the guitar overall. The octave register of the bass is flexible due to the reduction from 13-course Baroque lute to 6-string modern guitar but I’ve made decisions based on the musical motifs. YouTube Lesson Link

Sheet Music and/or Tab (PDF) 

Video Performance and Lesson by Bradford 

Lute Recording by Michel Cardin

Lute Facsimile

Weiss - Mademoiselle Tiroloise - Facsimile

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