Triads & Arpeggios Etude

No. 20 – Triads & Arpeggios Etude for Classical Guitar – from my technique book 20 Favorite Exercises (with TAB) but you can also check out my more extensive Classical Guitar Technique (Notation only, 122 pages). YouTube Video Lesson Link (4k)

This is an adaptation and re-write of Giuliani’s Exercise Op. 48, No. 6. Guitarists are notorious for not practicing triads due to their difficulty on guitar. However, piano students practice these shapes from the first lesson and we should too. Practice very slowly and make sure to feel and visualize each group of three notes as one triad (three note chord). This etude bares little resemblance to Giuliani’s original except for the concept of arpeggios and the basic harmonies. I wanted a more straight-forward arpeggio workout. You may wish to come up with your own right-hand fingerings in a few spots or you can follow mine. However, I think it’s best that you use the left-hand fingerings provided as I wrote the etude for specific reasons related to position shifts and chord forms.

If you find this too difficult just practice each triad (group of three) separately and make small exercises out of it. It is an exercise book after all and I don’t expect beginners to blaze through this one.

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