Q&A Lesson: Practicing Music & Reaching Higher Levels

Q&A Lesson: Practicing Music and Reaching Higher Levels on guitar or any instrument. Thanks to all my Patreon supporters that submitted questions. You can also visit my Support Page.

Times & Questions

  • 0:55 – Reaching Higher Levels (Ralph)
  • 4:52 – Studying other genres of music (John)
  • 8:35 – Repertoire Maintenance and Practice (Ernesto/Hayes)
  • 13:58 – How to approach a new piece (Karen)
  • 17:58 – Recording your practice to learn (Walt)

Here are some extra resources related to the questions

Here’s the YouTube video link if you want to watch it there.


  1. Can one use a 3/4 size guitar as a orchestra guitarist

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