Easy Tutú Marambá, Brazilian Folk Song (Free PDF)

Tutú Marambá (Lullaby), Brazilian Folksong. Free PDF sheet music and lesson for classical guitar. Mid to Late-Beginner level, for use during or after my Method Book Volume 1.

Free PDF Sheet Music Edition

This is part of a collection of easy supplemental pieces for during or after my free Classical Guitar Method Volume 1. I thought it would be nice to offer a few extra pieces before students move on to my Classical Guitar Method Volume 2.

  • Tutú Maramba: Brazilian folklore, a scary night monster or boogeyman.
  • Da Capo al Fine – Return to the beginning and play until the Fine at the final barline.
  • Left Hand Fingering: Students should observe the legato use of 3 on A when E occurs before or after, especially at the D.C. al Fine.
  • Right Hand Fingering: Alternate i-m throughout. Restarting with i after long note values or ends of phrases is acceptable as occurs in measure 5. Use p for all bass voice notes.

Here is the YouTube lesson link if you want to watch it there.

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