Zangarilleja by Santiago de Murcia

Zangarilleja by Santiago de Murcia (1682-1739) – PDF Sheet Music arranged for Classical Guitar with both a notation-only edition and modern tab edition. Originally for Baroque guitar. Left hand fingering. Intermediate, approximately Grade 4 depending on your tempo and comfort with the time signature. PDF Download.

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Santiago de Murcia (1673–1739) was a Spanish guitarist and composer. This work comes from Codice Saldivar No.4. As with all editions of five-course Baroque guitar, a choice must be made for the octave of the bass voice. Regardless if the French tuning uses bordones on both lower strings (and lower octave on the 5th string), from a compositional standpoint it works well to extend the range for the modern guitar. See the original Italian tablature below the video for comparison.

Not much is known about the Zangarilleja other than it was a song of the late 17th century. Códice Saldívar No.4 along with some theatre references is all that is documented. The literal modern translation of the word is often “trollop” but the Baroque meaning as found in the song might not have the same connotation.

Video Lesson (See Above): I discuss feeling the pulse and dance as well as arranging music from the Baroque guitar and octave choices. Video Lesson Link.

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Original Tablature – The original is in Italian tablature with French tuning. For all the modern tabbers out there, Italian tablature is upside down compared to ours.

Zangarilleja by Santiago de Murcia (Original)
Zangarilleja by Santiago de Murcia (Original)


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