Lesson: Large Solid Chords with 5 or 6 Notes & Sweeping

A lesson on how to play large chords with 5 or 6 notes and sweeping the thumb or fingers in the right hand for classical guitar. I also talk about the pinky finger and the difference between the popular guitar world versus the classical guitar tradition. Plus, using sweeping thumb or fingers in arpeggios and bass dyads in pieces such as Villa-Lobos Prelude No.1.

Five or six note chords: You can either sweep the thumb over two or three bass notes or sweep a finger over multiple notes. It’s one musical gesture that should sound like a solid chord.

The pinky: I use my picky with electric guitar but on classical guitar it can be difficult to get control, volume, and good tone from it. I’m not saying we should count it out completely but it’s rarely used on classical guitar. Subscribe via the email newsletter for more free lessons. YouTube Lesson Link.

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  1. Really? You play electric guitar too? I would love to see that! Thanks for this lesson; as always, interesting and helpful.